Yesterday was a rough day for Justin and I.  I work full time for a law firm, and Justin had to quit his last job because of his Autism causing him to pass out  (it’s a thing).

Justin was irritated. Not with me, or anything in general really. He was bored. He was hungry and nothing sounded good. But it wasn’t the irritable feelings normal neuros experience.  We find something to do and eat whatever we find.

I didn’t know what hyper Irritability was so I researched yesterday to see if ASD could cause it. Well, yes. And it’s exactly what Justin was experiencing.

Imagine–you’re annoyed with the world.  But nothing will help that feeling. I imagine it’s like PMS but without the super bitchy attitude and anger.  But what sucks is nothing sounds good or like it will resolve your irritability. “Watch a movie.” No. “Play video games.” No. “Have a grilled cheese.” No. It’s like dealing with a child sometimes which is frustrating because all I want to do is make him happy and loving life. I feel sometimes I fail at being a wife when he’s that irritated.  But really, there’s nothing I can do about it.

What do you all think? Do you experience this too? What’s the best way to overcome that feeling?

Thanks to all my new subscribers.  I hope this reaches people who can use the love and support and experiences we have!


2 thoughts on “Hyper Irritability…it’s A Thing

  1. Hi, Beautiful! Could you offer 2 options? Like would you like to watch “blah?” Or “blah?” Do you feel like a tuna sandwich? Or grilled cheese? A bit of distraction with a possible solution.

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