I’m tired this week.  If you follow us on Instagram  ( @marriedwithautism) you know Justin had a bad melt down Sunday and just about broke his hand.

Everyone seems to think that it’s something else when it’s not. He’s not pissed at anyone. He’s not jealous of anyone. He’s not going to hurt anyone. He just can’t express frustration and will take it out on himself in the form of a melt down. I did pretty good though, and kept my cool while he was experiencing one of the most painful things to watch. I didn’t even cry. 

Appointments this week after more appointments….social security, counselor, doctor, more social security.  Justin stresses about driving his car, which is older, but it is in great shape. He also knows a lot about cars. But he still does the what ifs. What if my car breaks down (I’ll come get you) what if I get a flat tire (Les Schwab will come get you). But I can say that 1000 times and it doesn’t help him feel better. 

He has a doctor’s appointment today for possibly bronchitis, and I can’t go because of work. So he stresses about feeling like crap while I’m just here trying to help him get stronger. And I’m not sure I can. And I have to learn to be okay with that.

I love you, Justin.


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