This might be controversial to some. If you are offended by this post, I’m sorry in advance. But I can’t begin to explain how much pot/Mary Jane/the W/THC has helped Justin. 

Justin was a straight edger his whole life. When we started dating, he didn’t even drink (and to this day has never been drunk). Pot, which was illegal here in Washington, was completely out of the question. 

So Christmas eve 2015, my brother came over l. Weed was legalized here in 2013, but he still hadn’t touched it. He got stoned with my brother, and since then he’s been using it.

Autism and pot??   Whaaaaaat??? Think about how much you think.  And stress.  Now multiply that by 10, amd worry about things like driving, dinner, your wife’s problems, what if a tree fell on your house, and every other problem ever. This is Justin’s brain 24/7. 

Then imagine one puff of a plant calms you down. You can focus on one thing instead of 100. You can sleep. You don’t stress as much. You can enjoy  your life. This is Justin on pot.

There are so many people who have problems with pot and so many people who say they’d divorce their husbands if they smoke. Let me just tell you my opinion.  You’re crazy. Justin is able to open up more to me. He can tell me sweet things and compliments on it. He won’t stress until he’s sick. I’ve seen the amazing outcomes for people with seizures and other terrible diseases. And for autism, I’m a fan.

Since Justin’s god-awful asthma this summer, he stopped using the plant. He switched to a vape pen and wax, which is vapor and a lot smoother. It’s working miracles to help him stay calm and focused. Why is this still considered a drug??? Is he supposed to be on mood stabilizers that turn him into a zombie and kill his sex drive? Is that what people expect? 

I don’t want that for him. I say try it. In my eyes this is so much better than dealing with crippling anxiety and stress. 

This is his new setup. Easy!!


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