Wow! I can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve posted. I’m terribly sorry!

Justin ended up getting the flu last month (yes he got his shot…no, it didn’t give him autism). Well then he ended up getting pneumonia AND a staph infection so he was hospitalized for 2 nights. Having autism made it even harder for him. The constant changing of nurses, the one nurse who doubted the doctor and made him panic…

It’s been a rough month or two. I’m getting closer to graduating college (1st in my family to get a college degree), I’m wanting to change careers, and we’re broke. I’m working 10 hour days to make up the time I took off for my dying husband.

But the one absolutely amazing thing in my life has been Justin. He doesn’t complain. Ever. He cleans the house for me and cooks dinner because he knows I’m too exhausted when I come home. He tells me he’s proud of me and nothing means more to me than that.

Insert romantic music and the sounds of Justin fake puking here!


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